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PT WISESA LATIH INDONESIA was founded in 2011. The company is a software publisher, focuses in self-development of ERP solutions, and consulting service in addition. Linkcapin uses global management best practices to result ERP High End solution.


Linkcapin's Financial system uses Financial Matrix -an algorithm that configures accounts and transactions, in such a way, the accounting system and financial report results NO FALSE.

The correctness of the transaction shall be confirmed through BRAILLE INDEX, a unique number that verifies the account match, amount, account block, hierarchy of account, and the business organization are taken in accordance with the best practices of accounting.

This accounting system, called CHECKBOT, advanced by artificial intelligence. The algorithm of the accounting has been trained to identify financial errors that occur due to ignorance (human error) and deliberate (fraud). Therefore, it helps the auditors and professionals who are working for small, medium and large enterprises or organizations ensuring the accounting system and finance report are made with NO FALSE.

CHECKBOT is not merely a financial system. The solution can be used for forensic financial audit and normal financial audit as well.


Since, Human Capital Management (HCM) transforms the traditional administrative functions of human resources (HR) departments, such as recruiting, training and development, payroll, and performance management, HCIS (Human Capital Information System) will be viewed as a trust-able tools to withdraw real data of potentials and performers.

One of various function of HCIS is Talent Map -a strategic tool which helps CEO and HC specialists in planning long term succession in the organization. Most companies have some level of succession planning model, allowing for the identification of future leaders and the recognition of where talent gaps lie.

Talent mapping should form an integral part of a broader talent management strategy, allowing organizations to assess their existing skills and identify those required for the future to succeed.

Talent mapping usually starts with managers, through Linkcapin’s, reviewing current performance and potential of their workforce. But it can also be the result of a wider talent management process where leaders identify critical job roles for the future.

Corporate provides career paths with diversity of occupations and multidisciplinary tasks. It means that an employee may not only change functions, departments but even organizations or fields of work.

Career path/career ladder is a metaphor for job promotion. In human capital management, the path typically describes the progression and promotion from entry level positions to higher levels of pay, skill, responsibility, or authority.


Machine uptime is defined as the time a machine was available and operational in a given time period. It gives the organization a sense of how reliable a machine is, since a high machine uptime indicates high machine reliability.

One company defines downtime different from others, therefore, Linkcapin offers customization to meet customer requirements.

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